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It's been a crazy few days. Showed up late at Anna's mother's party - sorry Anna! It’s my fault. I woke up late, and while I was posting here Dad comes in and tells me we're supposed to be at your house now, thinking I would have been ready.

I had my first day volunteering with Development at MPD on Monday. I collected stuff for the grant application for the Angels in America Exhibit. I had to watch the DVD, to locate two minutes with the angel in it, since we have the wings used in the original Eureka Theater production, and they will be the centerpiece of our exhibit. The last scene of Millennium Approaches when the angel converses with the dying Prior Walters, was exactly two minutes. Then I went through the archive file we had on the subject, and pulled (marked with slips of paper) several useful images of several productions which the Development Director listed for me – besides Eureka, the Broadway and ACT productions, as well as the HBO televised version. I spent the rest of the afternoon scanning.

Yesterday, I started the day figuring out the Xerox machine copying a very fragile very old newspaper article, trying to make it as large as possible so it is legible while still fitting on a page. I was working with Legacy, the oral history project. I helped put together a preliminary copy of the oral history of a pianist whose health is pretty bad at the moment, so that she probably won't last until the transcript is published. She has degrees up the wazu, and has adjudicated (her word) many auditions, including that for the San Francisco Opera's Merola Opera Program, a training program - *sighs* what I wouldn't give to get into that!

I got an hour break for dinner, and I went to the California Pizza Kitchen for a pear and gorgonzola pizza - which I want to try to make myself, by the way. While I sat at the bar, I watched the news about the earthquake in Haiti - up to a million dead? The guy behind the counter was quick to reassure me it's on a different tectonic plate - I must have looked worried.

When I came back we were gathering the last pieces of the preliminary transcript together and proofreading. I ended up being late to report to Tony for volunteering at the celebration that night for the Erik Tomasson Photography exhibit. His photographs are beautiful, if anyone wants to stop by the museum (it is free, and Rock N Roll is still up as well). He has to be a good photographer, to earn respect as the SF Ballet's photographer, given that he is the director, Helgi Tomasson's, son. Helgi Tomasson was our primary speaker for the evening, in fact. Furthermore, the Ballet was paying so the food was a lot nicer, proseco in addition to two kinds of wine, water - no mineral water though, vitamin water, biscotti, vegetables with spinach dip and an absolutely monumental wheel of cheese, a huge chunk of which I ended up just tossing in the garbage. Mimi, who puts our exhibits together, told me they forgot to put out the crackers, so we had to go on a cracker hunt - though why she comes to me, I do not know.

I was in charge of bussing tables, especially the tiny drop tables at both doors of the gallery, where food is not allowed. I walked back and forth gathering glasses all evening, getting more exercise in one night that I have gotten since I got out of school – my feet were killing me by the end of the evening, as I did not sit down once. It was damn near impossible to get through the crowds, given that anywhere between two and three hundred RSVPd, especially with my arms full of glasses. Some of the glasses still had stuff in them, but thankfully I only spilled wine on myself once.  You should have seen the dirty looks I got when I went around telling people the program would be starting soon, perhaps because my arms were full of dirty glasses, because I never felt more like "the help." Definitely a different crowd from the hippies who came to the opening of the Rock N Roll exhibit. When I ended up behind the bar, I had already poured a glass of red, and the guy says never mind, I want it in this glass. I hesitate - I had already dirtied a plastic cup, plus it is not polite to pour from one glass to another. He goes "Watch this," takes it from me, and pours it from his glass to his cup, as if I was an idiot. I did learn a lot - how to open a wine bottle, and that you are not supposed to chill red wine, for example. This time I did not get access to the program - last time I could hear the music in the hall.

Today, I had my interview to work for the Institute of Reading Development. I have all these great ideas, if I actually get my own class, but I am afraid this didn't come out really well. I am a terrible interview. I was so awkward, hemming and hawing.

Also, a spot opened up in that beginning jazz dance class I was on the wait list for, and I had till midnight tonight to register once and for all, but websmart was not letting me. A woman very kindly helped me fix the problem.