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Jan. 10th, 2010

So I was thinking on my walk yesterday that another whole era in my life is over, now that I have a bachelor’s degree. The college era is for me, not the beginning of the rest of your life, the start of a career, but a transition, and is thus characterized by confusion, questioning and the destruction of all you thought you know and was sure, and the failure to find something to replace it. It was a time when I realized how small and insignificant I am, and just how little I know. I realized my limits, and now they are scaring the shit out of me as I contemplate all I ever wanted to do with my life and just how little time I have to do it in.

I was all gung ho to go the musicology route, to become a musician for real, specifically to become an opera singer, and maybe later write operas or musicals, but now I am back to the anthropology route. Except if I ever want to be on stage I have to do that now, before my voice is gone. Opera singers never last long. So maybe I can put the anthropology thing off till later – when stage career is over.

In the meantime, of course, I have loans to pay off, and I am going nowhere, education-wise, until I have the money to do so. I applied for the public programs assistant position at the new Walt Disney Museum – an unpaid internship, unfortunately. I heard back and they have filled that position, but they like my resume and think I would be an asset, and so want to send me the other available positions for review. I heard back from the Institute of Reading Development, which pays $6000 to teach summer classes. They liked my resume, and chose me for an interview, this coming Wednesday. I have a whole bunch of material to review before then to prepare, so here’s hoping.

I start volunteering at the Museum of Performance and Design tomorrow. I have also applied for French, Jazz Dance and German classes at the College of San Mateo, but they were all full, so I am on the wait list. I will show up the first day and see what happens.

O, and yesterday I tried to get DRM Converter software yesterday – beware. I was directed from one page on how to burn movies from iTunes to a DVD that you can play in your DVD player to the necessary software, but it was for windows. I followed the link for Mac, except that was different software, only for music, so that I just spent forty dollars on nothing. It was an immediate download, so there is nothing to return. I emailed their support to see if there is some way I can make it work for movies, and since I purchased with PayPal, I filed a claim with the Resolution Center, and we’ll see if I can’t get a refund, or a program that will in fact do what I want. But I kept looking on the Internet, and I tried some free demos, and in general it looks like these software are not to be trusted, at least for Macs.

Otherwise, friends and I went to downtown San Mateo Thursday. B Street Books re-opened in a place cattycorner to Pete’s Coffee. I found two treasures, A Song of Love and Death: The Meaning of Opera and the Bloom’s Shakespeare Through the Ages volume of criticism for Julius Caesar, my favorite Shakespeare play, for only ten dollars. We also went to see Nine. In spite of what the critics said, I enjoyed it. It was complicated, with an open-ended ending – not an easy movie by any means. But the music, the dancing, the sets and the costumes were all awesome. Daniel Day Lewis is a genius, who played a very sympathetic Guido – I did get the sense that he was a confused little boy in a grown man’s body. For all his crimes against his wife, there was a sense of innocence around his character, like he was trying so hard to be good, and he couldn’t understand where he went wrong – something we can all relate to I think. I was a little said, however, that some songs were left out, namely one of my favorites The Bells of Saint Sebastian. I guess such is necessary turning a musical into a movie, but then they added some songs too, written just for the movie, so I do not understand how that works. Thought it is true that I like the new song Cinema Italiano. Plus I was upset that Nicole Kidman sang Unusual Way, my favorite song from that show, octaves lower that it was supposed to be sung – it’s a soprano song, not an alto song. It sucks, also, that Unusual Way is now out as an audition song, given that it was my favorite audition piece. Once it’s in a movie it cannot be done anymore, because everyone is going to be doing it, at least for a while, and it will get overdone. You always want to go into an audition with rare, or at least rarer, songs.