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or 19th Century Angst

I've lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all my life. I'm a History major, with minors in English (writing emphasis) and music, who dreams of becoming a writer. I want to go to grad school for anthropology, perhaps ethnomusicology specifically. I want to travel, seeing as how I've never really been anywhere and that fact makes me feel profoundly ignorant. I perform in the musicals at my college, sing in various choirs and work on my college's literary magazine. I mostly spend my free time going for long walks on the beach or in the hills by my house and reading, knitting and baking. I'm a morning person and a workaholic who likes to keep as busy as possible and never waste a moment from the time I wake up to the time I crash. I'm stubborn and contradictory, painfully shy, easily embarrassed, and a worrywort who has a passion for guilt trips and can make the simplest things incredibly complicated, but I'm getting better every day!