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Apr. 11th, 2010

Hello everyone. Salut! Gruss dich! Bonjour. Guten Tag.

I know it has been a long time since I last posted. Mostly this is because I am taking French and German classes, but also because I am volunteering at the Museum of Performance & Design still, at the same time, while trying, of course, to find a job, celebrating birthdays and holidays, baking, seeing friends, cleaning etc, etc, etc - all those little things which make up a life (or would if I had one). So because I have a lot to cover, but I do not have the time to sit here and cover it all right now, and you do not have the patience to wade through my typically epic posts, I will cover it all in stages - a little bit at a time.

Today: the weather - as I am prevented from running today because of the rain. Has it been weird or just me? Way back in February I go out for a walk, and - I don't know what it was, the scent or the feel of the air - something just said it was Spring. It might have even been Groundhog Day. So we get some nice warm, sunny days with some nice, soft breezes. Not long after I am in the museum, and we are hearing thunder and the flash of lightning is noticeable even in our cubicles, so that the guy in the next cubicle, Eric, shouts out "It's the end of the world. David is talking about flood warnings for San Francisco, and the fact that he and his girlfriend bought special boots, since the water gets feet deep down this one street where he has to walk, and he ended up soaked up to his hips. Then its warm and sunny again. That is, its warm and sunny when I go into the museum - I come out, ready to bus over to the Foundation Center to do some research for one of my supervisors and its raining. I had to borrow an umbrella. It happened to me again to, only this time I was leaving the museum, and busing over to USF to do help Professor Olds with some research, so I couldn't borrow an umbrella. Then it happened to me yesterday, when I was walking to the post office - but by the time I go home again, the rain had vanished and the sky was blue again.

At least the reservoirs are filling up again.

Of course, as a result of the rain, this past winter everybody learned about the existence of Pacifica. I don't why the media was so fascinated by our eroding cliffs - for weeks the evening news was giving updates on the latest developments. My first day of German, we are going around the room introducing ourselves in German - Mein Name ist Nicole. When it gets to the where do you live part - Ich wohne in Pacifica. I am the first and only person the teacher asks a question of - she asks me how's the weather? As if the weather was that different between San Mateo and Pacifica. Then she suggests houses falling into the ocean - as if one cliff eroding in one part of Pacifica translates to the entire city falling into the ocean. As it was neither of the endangered apartment buildings actually began sliding down the cliffs, as has happened to some houses in previous winters. Every winter there are landslides - especially in an El Nino winter.

Anyway, people do not realize, but lots of interesting things actually happen in "P-Town," which get no media attention at all. I will not go into all the sordid details, since I know some of my friends are already leery, and I do not want to scare them away from ever visiting me again. It is totally safe for anyone who does not deliberately involve themselves in nefarious activities - as far as I know, no innocent bystanders have been hurt. However, yesterday alone I saw cops taking statements in front of a house on my run, and then a cop car came blaring down the street when I was on previously mentioned walk home from the post office - only to stop at the chain-link fence blocking access to the river. As I passed by I saw that the cop was talking to some kid sitting on the embankment - he mentioned missing classes, though I think it had more to do with having climbed over the fence and entering a restricted area (perhaps he got himself stuck?) than with truancy. In any case, you may say this is an example of cops having nothing to do, but on the bright side it makes them super responsive. Whatever complaint you may have, they are there immediately, taking your statement, and being totally serious and respectful about it too. There was that time we got kicked off the beach, for starting a bonfire, having not heard the new "no fires" rules. Any given night, there is always a fire on the beach. But we got ratted by a guy with a bug up his butt, who got upset when my Dad unloaded our old Christmas tree, scattering dead pine needles everywhere. Anyway, the cop that responded was totally apologetic and nice about it.

Quote of the Day: "You are never given a wish without being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however." - Richard Bach

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